Procurement Services

The use of Procurement Service Providers is rapidly increasing in result of world market conditions and the need for every business to maintain and reduce costs without eliminating resources. Many world-class organizations have already contracted with Procurement Service Providers. We provide our clients with professional procurement services and advises to ensure they will achieve best products and services and try to meet their requirements in both technical and commercial point of view.

Our procurement services cover all kind of project material such as:

–       Raw material and production goods such as Crude oil in petroleum industry

–       consumables and initials such as Lubricants, spare parts, Gasket

–       Capital goods and services such as Crude oil storage facilities.

NASCO procurement organization team handle all purchasing, expediting, transportation and any other activity to meet client requirements, these activities includes but not limited to following services:

–       Vendor Selection, prequalification and evaluation

–       Preparing inquiries, BID documents, ITB, Etc,

–       Proposal Evaluation in both technical and commercial point of view

–       Expediting

–       Logistic and Shipping and transportation follow up

–       Purchase order placement and follow ups

–       Inspection coordination

–       Special supervision in all related activities


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