About Us

Engineering, procurement, management and financing services to projects is core competency of Nar Afzar Samin.

NAS Co. Network consists of several sister and affiliated companies all around the world. Our clients enjoy professional services in Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Austria, Russia and China.


  • Equipment
  • E,P,F&M Services
  • Oil Products
  • Consultancy
  • Minerals&Chemical


We supply equipment and Materials to Oil & Gas, Power, Steel and Chemical industries. Our services includes engineering, procurement, Marketing, Managerial and finance,  providing services and rendering this wide range of services completes our contribution to allied industries.

NAS Co. trading activities cover oil and its products such as Bitumen, LPG and fuel oil, Petrochemical and polymers and other requirements of industries.

NAS Co. also supports its clients and their projects by special services like fast delivery of shortage items, Cargo handling solutions, special Material supply, and fast track cooperation in urgent situations.

The most important factor to success of NAS Co. is capability, professionalism and enthusiasm of its employees who have very strong and successful resume in oil & gas and other industries to meet every client’s requirement in every related aspect.